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Well, we have been working hard at Mesa West the last 2 months and enjoying every minute! The remodeling is almost done, the walls have been painted, the ceilings and floors done, we got our new cabinets, granite countertops, wood paneling, and chairs re-done. [+]


Hickorie is a friendly 12 year-old female cat whose owners brought her in because of her rapid weight loss and lethargy. They informed us that she had not eaten very much at all recently, and they were worried about her. When examining her, Dr. Lepera found that her skin was alsoicteric (jaundiced), and she was underweight and dehydrated. Blood work and X-rays were done, and she was hospitalized. We also found that her liver enzymes were elevated, and recommended an ultrasound to take a closer look. The ultrasound revealed that Hickorie had triaditis, an inflammation of the pancreas, intestines and liver. [+]


Harvey is a sweet 5 year-old neutered male cat that came in to Mesa West Pet Hospital with a blocked urethra. This was causing him a lot of pain and made it nearly impossible for him to urinate. Dr. Lepera and the staff provided emergency care right away, made sure he was out of pain, and took X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. It was indeed multiple bladder stones, Dr. Lepera performed the surgery here and removed well over 30! He went home bladder stone free, eating and drinking well, able to urinate without any more discomfort. Bladder stones in cats and dogs are one of the most serious conditions and can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated properly. If they could talk, they would certainly let us know well before, but as it is, owners are reliant on signals from their pets that are normally too well hidden to notice early. Harvey is a great cat, and obviously a trooper. We are all so glad he is back home and happy with his family.